I've watched a video on it... and it looks wayyyy better then the spider III... you should have put up your flame sheild cause even though no one has used it they will still flame you.. i hope it better though.. if so i might buy it
I don't know, it's good though because that makes Spider 3's much cheaper (And there can't be too much of a difference).
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I have a spider 3 and i like it. and I think i played with a spider 4 in a guitar center. It sounded pretty good.
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I'm not going to give you a bias half assed answer on these amps. TBH, I think that they aren't that bad as people make them out to be but I think you should try them out and see for yourself. Don't listen to me or anyone else but listen to your ears.
They aren't great, but they are definately a step in the right direction for the Spider series. A great improvement over the Spider 3, the only real cons are that it's still a bit digital sounding (compared to the Flextone) and it's controls aren't as easier as they want to seem to be, specifically for editing parameters for effects.
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