Recently, I haven't exactly been hiding my disappointment in a lot of the actions taking place in this here forum, frankly, my general opinion of the regular members is dropping step by step. So now i'm going to give you some guidelines. Think of this as a bit of e-self-improvement. If you don't like it, I don't care.

1. 'ANUS threads'. At first, i'd thought i'd leave them open, I mean, most of their questions seem sensible right? Surely it could lead to some healthy discussion or some mild debate... HAH! What am I thinking, look at the people i'm talking to here, tact is about as existent in this forum's populace as cheese is in a Lactose-Intolerant's cookbook. So fuck it, if an 'ANUSite' starts a thread, i'll just close it. If one of said 'ANUSites' doesn't like it, feel free to send me a PM so I can ignore it.

2. I have no problem with swearing. What I do have a problem with is the word 'faggot'. It's pathetic, whenever I see someone use it, I picture some lard-arsed 14 year old yank screaming it at his computer screen because some mexican just one-upped him on his precious WoW. It's not funny, it's only effective on people who give a shit (see: no-one) and it's been ground into the floor more than a hooker's cigarette butts. Also breaking of this rule is a straight ban. Don't say I didn't warn you.

3. Don't be a twat. I know this is a difficult change for some of you as your e-lives revolve around spouting your twattery at unsuspecting 'n00bs', but you'll have to adjust. If some new guy makes a thread, just direct him to the appropriate location and add the reported tag. We were all new guys at one point or another so don't be dicks. Punishment is dependant on the level of twattery displayed.

I'll be honest, these are the only 3 rules that I find are worth mentioning right now and i'm hoping that you'll least utilise the tiny semblance of common-sense you have to not get yourself banned. If theres anything else I need mention i'll add a post so it'll bump.

Good day to you all.

P.S. Feel free to suggest to me anything you'd like to add to this. PM me if you wish.
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