I'm new to Guitar Pro, so I'm hoping someone can help me out with something.

I would like to use some of my songs that i've tabbed out on Guitarpro as backing tracks or just have the songs as instrumentals. Now here is my question..
How do you export a song as wav(or mp3) without it having to record the song through a sound device. Is it possible to just export the audio somehow? Everytime i click "export as wav" it asks me which device i want to use to record before exporting.

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you have to export it as a .midi file

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dont worry, jsut use the standard device and it works fine. If you have windows xp, just go to your sound volume at the bottem right corner on your desktop and adjust the volume. after that you'll need wavtomp3 or something like that, works fine for me.

For the volume, turn everything except the microphone at 100% and the basic volume at about 10%
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Thank you i'll try it and see if it's better.

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