I feel beyond stupid for posting this....
So I posted a thread somewhere that was asking about amp settings to get the tone for a band. Apparently I posted it in the wrong place, and the thread was thus closed. Can someone please direct me to the thread for amplifier settings, or the general place of where to find it? If you could post a link to it, that'd be great too.

Search for it using the search bar found at the top right of the grey forum page.
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I'll tell you HOW to find it. That will help you in the future, k?
The guy who reported your thread said: "Go to Ultimate Settings Thread"

Here's how to find it:

1 - Click on the line that says Search. It's between Members List and New Posts.

2 - type in settings as the keyword

3 - select Search Titles Only from the menu right beneath the keyword.

4 - tick the button that says Show Results as Threads

5 - click Search Now

scan down the page to find: The NEWER Ultimate Settings Thread!
it's easy to spot. it has almost 1500 posts.

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