Guitar needed (with a 7 string guitar) tunings used - drop d (dadgbe), 7 string standard (beadgbe)

Bassist needed also email me if your interested seanstephensen@live.ca I will get emails easier than UG personal messages so please email
alright cool. Yea sorry last time I kind of just forgot about it because I was getting involved with this band which now needs a guitarist. You were 20 right? We're both 16 but you seem to be the only person in winnipeg who is responding. Do you have guitar pro? I can send you some of our songs and you can let me know if you're interested
My email's messed up I can't send e-mails. Did that guitar pro file work for you? because that's the only full original we have right now. What did you think of it?
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yeah it worked. like I said it's an interesting style. It works for me. I can try learn it if you want. Lead or rythym.

Rhythm ideally, I was thinking I'd take lead. This song they're not that different but in the other song I'm writing there's a really tricky lead pattern during the second verse. For now I guess just learn rhythm and well see how you are, if you're awesome we can both take lead like megadeth does maybe
Ok cool. I think before the drummer mightve been a bit reluctant to have you over because you're 4 years older than us but looks like there's no 16 year old metal guitarists readily available right now so it should all be good. I may also know a bassist then well be all set