Hey all, first off thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully offer me some advice.

I have been rather serious with my guitar playing and have decided to start a band with some friends. We are going to rent a practice space month to month so we can jam out.

I have a Epi Les Paul Special (nothing special, its cheap), an ovation, and a cheap strat copy.

I have a big muff pi and play it through a peavey envoy 110 (the older envoy). I believe its 40 watts. It has trouble when I crank it in my bedroom, I am not sure if it is powerful enough to play over a drum set.

I really would like to get a cheaper tube amp, but I need something I can jam out with in the band's practice area, with a drumset, bass and vocals.

How well do you think my envoy would hold up in there?

And as for wanting a new amp, I have aprox. 400-500 to spend.
I saw the Pignose Gx40, it was super affordable, (180-200$) but the price scared me.

Can anyone recommend some amps for me? I would like a good clean, my distortion would most likely come from the big muff so dual channels are not really needed.

I play fuzzed out rock (think pumpkins, hendrix etc.) and sometimes an indie style.

Thanks for the help guys!!

Hmm. I'd go with a Vox.
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any model is particular for the Vox you guys recommend?

Also, how well do you guys think my Envoy 110 would be playing over drums etc. Would it be suitable to play on that for awhile until maybe I saved more money for a better amp?
Your Envoy will sound like crap over drums, 40 SS watts isn't meant to do stuff like that, and solid-state clipping sucks. Get a lower-wattage tube amp, when they clip, it sounds awesome. Classic 30s take pedals really well.
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There is a Peavy classic 30 112 on Ebay going for 280. The demo sounded great. I will have to find one at a guitar center to play. I assume it won't have a problem playing over drums?

The envoy on high volume sounds like ****.

Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. If anyone suggests anything else I will be happy to hear from ya.