£40+pp or collection. This is brand new unused in box, these will cost you around £60 to buy usually.

Here is the blurb


Q- What is a Tremol-No™ ?
A- The Tremol-No™ is a patented device that is added to an electric guitar equipped with a tremolo/vibrato unit. It allows guitarists to turn their tremolo unit "on" (so they can raise or lower the pitch of the note with the tremolo unit) or "off" (where the tremolo unit doesn't move at all; no lowering or raising of the note pitch via the tremolo system).

Q- Will the Tremol-No™ fit on any/all guitars?
A- The Tremol-No™ will work on almost every tremolo equipped guitar built since 1954. The rule of thumb is: If you've got 2, 3, 4 or 5 springs in the back of your guitar, you can probably install a Tremol-No™ in it.
If you have questions about a certain trem, or something that's non-standard, please feel free to contact us. Include front and back pictures of the guitar and of the tremolo unit