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Maybe it was a display model?

Does that mean, that theres chances others have played this guitar?

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Yeah, it's probably the one they use to show on the floor and let others play
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It's probably been up on display in a store, few people have likely tried it out. It's probably in good condition, but they can't strictly say it's "new"

Should be ok
It was on display in a shop but the shop couldnt sell it, other people have played it, so it might have scratches on it where people have strummed and the possible ding or chip so they take a bit off of the original price.
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they would probably tell you if it were damaged. chances are it was played by customers, so you know it's seen some playing time. i doubt it's got any real damage. they would have marked it as "B-Stock" if so, i think.
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Secondly is Edge Pro better than a LFR?


one of the best LFR's out there. I prefer it to OFRs
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