Hi! i have been playing guitar for 1,5 years now. I am getting bored of playing Metallica stuff and such because i don't feel like i learn something from it anymore (I'm self taught, only lesson i took was on reading tabs)

I sat on my chair and thought to my self "hmm... what should i play that's not something anyone else have "invented" yet ^^?" and I'm just going blank. I tried some stuff out without finding tabs and it was surprisingly hard, because I'm not ear-trained that much. And i don't know what to play to train up my ears :O

Questions: 1. Can i get some tips on easy stuff to play around with to become better with the ear.
2. What stuff do you others play around with when you want to just sit in your room for a long time playing? and is it fun stuff or just plane exercises?
3. Is there any other bands you can recommend that i can learn some stuff from?
Listen to some really easy songs built up with power chords then try to play it back on your guitar. I suggest any Murderdolls song for this. Every new song you learn, learn something harder every time, you'd progress and you'd have a new challenge every time.

If you havent already, get into improvising, to help you with this, go onto www.guitarmasterclass.net and click on 'Lick Of The Day" this page tells you what scale to use to go with the backing track, along with a lick to mess around with, they update this page everyday so theres always something new to learn. Then you can start improvising over your favorite songs.

Start listening to new genres, even some you dont like, that way you could learn new techniques that you could use in your own playing and improvising.

I hope i've helped you!
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I would suggest trying some improvising to back tracks, Steve Vai says that it helps him a lot.

For me, i like to listen to a song and make up lil chord progressions that go at the same tempo of the song. I'll also play around in a scale.

I'm guessing your'e a metal player, so i would suggest playing harder songs from bands like Cannibal Corpse or Megadeth, because their songs are a lil bit more complex.