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I recently bought a Squier Tele as my first electric guitar (in Butterscoth Blonde- such a beautiful colour) and am loving it. However I have always been attracted to the sound of Peter Buck's (of R.E.M.) Rickenbacker's rich and bright and am keen to try and get as close to that as I can. A real Ricky is way out of my price range, so what can I do to a Tele to make it sound like one? I tried using the centre lever position, but it sounds a bit weak. The best I have come up with so far is using the bridge pickup and turning the tone knob down about 2/3rds of the way. Does anyone here have any better ideas? I'm new to electric guitar, but would fiddling with the hi,mid or bass knobs on my amp help?

If it changes anything I don't have any effects pedals and I have a Fender 15r amp.

Thanks for any help,

a telecaster sounds like a telecaster.... period. the only thing you *might* be able to try is to buy the same pickups as a rickenbacher has and wiring them in... but now combination of the stock pickups/tone knobs/amps setting will make it sound like a Rick... sorry

if you're new to electric guitar, then how are you already tone-conscious? also, i bet you aren't going after the sound of the rickenbachers, i bet you like the sound of his amp... amps play more of a role in tone development than guitars do
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yes fiddling with the EQ (thats what the hi mid and bass knobs are called) will help you!
and with todays technologies and pedals you can make your guitar sound like any guitar!!!
Thanks for the help.
Do you mean those Line 6 multi effect things? I've heard about them and am now definetley gonna buy one. I'm not sure about whether its the amp or guitar I like. I think I like the sound the guitar makes, but I then like how the amp makes that sound better.
Actually, listening to clean Ric sounds, I think I prefer the amp sound. What settings do you think Buck would use to achieve his tone?
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