I am looking for a really heavy but yet sharp rhythem dist that still makes you able to use those lovely pinch-harmonics really well.
My buget's gonna' be pretty tight but say anything and maybe i can save up for it
Pinch harmonics are more about technique than gain.

But name some bands that have a tone you're looking to emulate.
let's see...
around slipknot sound i think is the best way to describe the tone i'm looking for.
line 6 spider is as close as your going to get to slipknot. Buzzy whiney crap essentially :P

but for real prolly a mesa trip/double/single rectifier. but because your budget is tight you may want to look at multi effects pedals such as boss gt 10 or line 6 pod xt live etc seeing as they will closer emulate than anything else in a lower pricerange.
I actually own a "floorpod plus" and it kills all harmonics, seriously all of them! :S
but i'll check the other thing on the list out. thanks