I never really thought about it before, but I have been using a $15 "monster" wire for as long as I can remember. So does it affect tone/sound quality at all?
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There are already quite a few threads on this, all with good answers to your question.
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No. The cord makes no difference
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It makes difference, but only a little and only if you have a really good amp. The waranty and durability might be worth it though.
^ Yes it does, especially if you have lots of pedals and therefore lots of cables.
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thanks everyone
Set Up:
Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR
AMP: Peavey Vypyr Tube 60W
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Monsters are generally a higher end cable but I used to have this crappy five year old musicians gear cable for awhile. It buzzed like crazy and it definitely sucked some tone. When I upgraded my cables there was worthy improvement.
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You can look up aT nextlevelguitar.com and they will tell you but if the cable is low quality you might get some fuuz and feed back. Moster are really good. Look for a cable with good shielding.
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It's one of those annoying things which is hard to regulate and explain, because if you have a good cable you won't notice it having any effect on your tone - but if you have a bad cable, it can have a huge effect on your tone. You can't really cover it as an overall 'cables do [X]' thing, you need to consider each brand of cable one by one.
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A good cable shouldn't affect your tone in any way at all. I used to use low-end cables but when I switched to Award Session I was really impressed with the improvement in clarity. Plus they have this great feature which stops the cable from buzzing if you take it out of your guitar with the amp still on. Plus, they're not that dear. Link's in my sig if anyone wants it.
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I know that a shorter cable genrally means that the sound is less muddy.

That's why you should always use a short cable when recording, and stick to a cable no more then 20 feet when your gigging. (at least IMO)
Its really only noticeable if you're using a really bad cable.
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