Hi all..
Looking for some advice, been playing my cheap strat copy for about a year now and I am ready to move on to a better axe.. I have about £300 to £400 or so.. I been looking at the Vintage VS6 and the Vintage V100.. guitars and the line 6 IV amp.. I like to play a wide range of music from blues to heavy rock.. I realy like the look of the V100, but i would like any comments from vintage owners.


NO AVOID THE SPIDER. A peavey vypyr might be better suited to you.

I don't know much about that guitar tbh, though might be a better question for the electric guitar forum.
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Avoid the Spider at all costs. there are many better amps out there.

i my guess is correct, you're from england. if that is true, you're in a good position to buy amps like the Vox Nighttrain and AC4tv, a blackstar HT5 or a Hayden Mofo. but for us to help you we need

Willing to go used?
Home use or Gigging?
Nearest major city?
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dude, don't get a spider. There are crappy solid state amps, and the VT is hands-down a much better sounding amp.
You might wanna save a bit more, if you get around double what you have now you can look at an amp like the HT-5 and then a half decent guitar to pair it with.
Always bear in mind, a mediocre guitar through a better amp will sound much better than an awesome guitar through a bad amp. Plus, if you get like the HT-5 ministack, when you come to need an amp for gigging you could always use the HT-5 cabs to go with a new head and save a bunch of money on that initial purchase
Vintage are a good way to go though, you get great quality of guitar with a small budget.
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Thanks for your help guys, I guess I'll steer clear of the line 6 amps and have a look at some of the vox gear.


The V100 is a fantastic guitar, I've got one (pic in profile).

Yeah, steer clear of the line6 spiders. Both suggestions above are good ones.

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