Hey all! I've gotten a bit bored of the minor pentatonic when improvising recently and want to spice things up with some major pentatonic licks; problem is I just can't seem to improvise anything that sounds any good. I was wondering if you folks could recommend me any songs that have major pentatonic solos, to lend me a bit of inspiration. Any advice would be a huge help too

Btw I know all the positions and play mostly rock, but I'm open to anything if it will help.

Baba O'Riley by The Who has a good F Major pentatonic solo, then at the end is an F Mixolydian solo for violin.
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Play over a major key chord progression.
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Minor and Major pentatonic licks are all the same?

no they're not....... i hope you were joking...
if you meant A mjor pent is the same as A minor pent then you're obviously wrong. If you meant Aminor pent is the same as C major, you are still wrong A minor licks resolve to A. C major licks resolve to C.

wind cries mary - hendrix - solo is in F major pent
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Well, I just use the shape of the minor pentatonic (the one everyone learns first, root note on the 6th) with the relative minor - familiar fingerings, but different sound. Probably not the most theoretically/creatively sound approach, but hey. It works
Um I dont know any good major pentatonic solos, but if you wanted to practice using it, I would recommend Punk or Pop punk. The major scale will almost always work with any blink 182 song, and you can just solo over them cuz punk doesnt have hardly and solos. And all there songs are in like the keys of c a and d and the rest are easy to figuire out. Idk if this but the major scale is generally a brighter scale, so it doesnt work to well with a lot of hard rock or metal. Hope this helped.
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