that blew my mind...and you say its not ur strongest
I think its perfect how it is, each riff is great and transitions well.
the solo is good too and the lead part at the end is sweet behind the other riffs.
would like to see the lyrics if you have written them yet
as for the tab 10/10
Dig a tunnel of light through ignorant walls
I love that tiny bit of silence before the Intro 2.

Verse riff = awesome

The chorus is decent but to me it just doesn't feel like it fits that nicely amongst those other riffs, kinda like a flow breaker.

I found a lot of the notes in the solo just blended into the backing riff/drowned out. Could just be the mixing.

The rest is tight. Good job!
Cool tune, but I have some objections concerning your lead work.

In general, it is almost always a good idea to keep lead and rhythm parts on separate octaves so as to avoid muddling it all up. If you look at the first bar of the "solo" section you'll notice that you're hitting the same F# with both your rhythm and lead guitars at numerous points, which means that they aren't so much being drowned out as they're being duplicated. This isn't a problem that's related to the presentation (i.e. the fact that it is midi), either; were you to record it it'd just sound like you had multi-tracked your rhythm part and your lead would remain inaudible.

You're repeating the same mistake during your "lead" section due to your octaver, except that you're now hitting dissonant notes. Though I realize that some find dissonance to be cool and all, given that the rest of your song is very melodic I thought it sounded more like you screwed up rather than that you tried to make something grim. The main offenders is the F# on bar 101 and the E on bar 103 (and repeats). But in either case, this would be less of an issue if you had your lead on a separate octave from your rhythm.