Now before i start i want you guys to know i am not hating on metal. i am just stating something. so since about 7th grade, i am now in tenth, i was listening to metallica, pantera ect. now i am into the dead, phish those kinda bands (in other words hippie music) i realized that metal is kinda boring and after a while all the bands kinda sound the same. i know they have talent and they are good, but i got sick of hearing he same 'songs' over and over. what is your guys opinion. do you think metal is still good/or amzing. do you think that its boring. thanks guys. peace
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Metal is quite a varied genre. There are bands that are classed as metal, yet sound nothing alike? So how did you get the idea that they sound all the same?
When I got a bit bored of metal, I decided to open up my music tastes more. Now I listen to pretty much anything I can find. Open-minded-ness ftw!
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Metal is like any other genre. Some bands are good, some are bad. Some bands are revolutionary, others are cliche and boring. Your point?

Also, lol at StewieSwan's post.
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I prefer nickel to be honest

nickel is a metal
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I listen to more than metal, called having an open mind and not listening to the same thing over and over,
I think there needs to be more METAL Bands so you dont have to listen to the same songs over and over again. I would have to say Metal is Good. Most instrumental talent comes from Metal players i think do to the difficulty of the style of playing.
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I prefer nickel to be honest

Yeah, that makes sense, even though nickel IS a metal.
You're obviously not listening to enough metal, and only to "classic metal" and older thrash. There's a massive amount of metal bands, and a lot of different genres. Look around before you make an uninformed generalization like this.

Not discrediting you, just letting you know that you have not listened to enough of the genre to be able to make any sort of assertion like that.

It's like saying all hippie music is the same. Blatantly false.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
haha it's really tough to be able to peg a whole genre, and I like jam bands and I like metal, but I don't understand how you can find metal boring after listening to like Phish and whatnot. All good stuff, but jam bands aren't usually full of energy or anything (there are exceptions of course). In short, I don't think you can even compare the two genres. I personally like metal, but to each his own. There should be a counter on this site for threads like this haha
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