Currently got a marshall jvm410c which i love..well im happy with it in that its got a great sound and its loud... BUT its too big and too loud. 100watts is just too much for my needs, and its a pretty big amp and a hassle to have at gigs and such where i cant drive to and from.
so im considering selling it and using the money to buy a cheaper amp, a few pedals and still have some left over for something less important such as food or rent
ive got the chance to trade it for a tiny terror head and a 1x12 plus some cash.. which id be happy with, or ive been considering maybe going for another combo, possibly a fender hot rod or similar.
any advice in general? where the marshall is 4channel with 3 options on each id prefer 1/2 channels with a few pedals... which is why i go for the orange TT or fender. i play a gibson les paul bfg or a prs santana se2 and play in a rock band.. not too rocky but i need quite distorted tones...not as far along the line as metal but..

any advice would be great.
cheers in advance
Do not trade for the TT. That thing is soooo overrated, it's like a toy almost. DO NOT!

How much would you sell the JVM for?
peavey vypyr. has 11 amp models, 12 effects, and if u get a 30 watt or higher, u get a looper, and the option of getting a control pedal etc. etc. ITS AWESOME
i have a tiny terror and honestly, if you plan on using pedals, don't get the amp.. I love mine, but that's just because i play punk music and just need nice overdriven sound to come out of my amp.. it doesn't accept pedals well at all such as distortion, chorus, or flanger that i know from experience. if has no clean settings pretty much because it's a low watt amp, and since it's one channel, if you adjust the gain or something mid-gig, you'll need to re-soundcheck...

it's not for everyone, but i love mine... i'd say go with a fender hot rod... i've played on them and love them... but not as much as my TT - but that's all because of the type of music i play
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get a thd hot plate, so you can still keep your amp, and have the tone of it cranked without it being loud, and without having to buy a new amp.
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an egnator rebel 20 wouldn't be a bad option

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
mmmm get a vetta 2 212 its 150 watts but you can make it so it runs on 1/2 power so its 75 watts. Tho it is a hassle to carry around, but your'll never need another pedal again. I got mine for 450 shipped
Tiny Terror is alright, but really not the best. The Hot Rod is a damn good amp, but if you're used the compressed response that a good Marshall gives, it will not be even remotely the same...

Given that a new JVM410C is $2500 (groan) I'd say you should be able to get around $1000-1200 fairly quickly? In which case I'd recommend something like a Vox AC15, a solid distortion (I'd recommend a Pro Co Rat, or a Boss, or if you like fuzz a Big Muff), and probably a compressor (Dyna Comp, or Boss, unless you want to shell out the $200+ for a Keeley). Outside of that it's really up to you...

Those Blackheart amps might be worth trying too, if you can find them anywhere (i haven't been able to)... or a Crate V-series or Palomino...

Or if you're crazy you could order a zVex nano amp... it's a half-watt tube head. You'd need a cab, but it can supposedly run a 4x12 and make some pretty good noise... *shrugs*
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peavey vypyr. has 11 amp models, 12 effects, and if u get a 30 watt or higher, u get a looper, and the option of getting a control pedal etc. etc. ITS AWESOME

He could afford a $2500 amp and you suggest a Vypyr? Either you're trollin or clueless.
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He could afford a $2500 amp and you suggest a Vypyr? Either you're trollin or clueless.

He's clueless.
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All are good options
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Vox AC15/30
Used Marhsall JCM
Peavey Classic 30/50
Egnator Rebel 20/30
Orange Rocker 30 Combo
All are good options

+1 on these

The JVM is quite a heavy brute, but so are Mesas.

how about a 1x12 JCM800 combo? Great for rock and surprisingly light/compact. You might even find a Silver Jubilee combo if you're very lucky. Also have a look at the smaller Marshall combos - the Bluesbreaker might be a bit big, but an 18W TMB clone would work well with a few good dirt pedals. The Egnater Rebel is great as well, and also consider the Kustom Coupe '36.

I wouldn't really worry too much about wattage - anything above 15W is really too loud - it just depends how important power tube saturation is to you!
im workin in UK pounds as im in northern ireland. yeah id be selling for around the 800-900 mark as they go for about 1100-1200 over here. although considerings its only about 8months old i could be undervaluing it greatly. im not that impressed by it, its good like, but its just not what im after right now.

as for the orange responses, ive heard about 50-50 positive and negative rports, so im just gonna have to try them another few times and see what i think. but ive never tried it with pedals so i cant comment. my plan would be to have it set up pretty low gain and then use an od pedal or 2 just to boost it.

as for my price range the thing that attracted me about the trade ive been offered is that ill have some much needed cash left over even if i get a couple of pedals. although i agree on the voxac15s and such.. i quite like them...big fan of rory gallagher who used an ac30.

im just not sure about what to do. im more inclined towards a fender hot rod at the minute.
look at the Blackheart Hot Head too.
it can go to 30watts into 100watts
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I'm gonna say a used Bogner Alchemist.

EDIT: Just noticed you are selling it for £800...

Well, in that case, I'd go for an AC15.
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been offered a trade involving a 1995 vox ac 15 plus about £100 for my jvm.. anybody think this is a good deal?
anybody any experience of the older voxs? id assume theyre better as theyre made in the marshall factory and have better speakers than the current ones.