The guitar center by me has both of them. The vox is 299, the Marshall is 249. Idk which is better for a fender strat

Before I get flamed, I play classic rock ad modern rock and electric blues. I like to have high gain sometimes
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The other thread is outdated now, seeing as how 98 percent of people don't go past page 1. And my question wasn't answered on it, the superchamp xd was not a choice lol
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They didn't have them at my guitar center 0.0

that should tell you something. go to a sam ash store...
well do you have pedals and stuff? the avt isn't that bad, the one i played with had great cleans, didn't try the od channel though, used it at a gig, had to share another band's.. i thought the clean channel was pretty sweet, but i had 12 pedals plugged in so..

it depends i'd say, i wouldn't use a modelling amp for anything else than practicing, only because i like to be able to choose my effects. however, i love vox and the valvetronix series are great. go with the one you like the best =)
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VT fo sho
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Sam ash? And I think that does speak for itself, brainfart much?

there are usually 3 guitar centers surrounding a sam ash store. also not a coincidence. seek one out if possible. good luck.
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superchamp xd is always an option... hai!

This. I spent a few hours at GC today trying out guitars through that amp. It was great for the price.
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