i recently re-strung my sg with .11s for the first time and when i tried to put it in drop c, or even drop d, the E string would stop lowering in pitch (the tuning peg will get looser but the pitch doesnt change) at about c#/d, the rest of the strings are tuned to drop c just fine, anyone know how i can fix it?
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Mine does that too. im using .10-.60 Zakk Wylde Dunlop strings, and what the problem is is the string is too big for the nut, so its essentially getting to c#, and then because its so tight, its grabbing the string. if you keep going though itll snap out of it, but itll be at Drop B or so. its a real drag, yes. Actually i need tips on this. i guess one could just take the string off and then file the inside of the Nut groove.. or take some graphite (from any pencil) and rub it inside the groove. that will make it more lubricated for the string. theres some stuff you can buy o the market for the same effect. called 'Big Bends Nut Sauce'/ no joke ( http://www.bigbends.com/prod.html )
****. it just broke anyways.

i think i might go back to 10s, or 9s
you brought a hooker to church?