Let's go back in time oh, nine or ten years. It's the golden age of the trading card game. The Pokemon kids are basking in their newly found golden age, the Magic kids are enjoying their enduring empire, and crazy **** like Yu-Gi-Oh is just about to break. Yes, like any red-blooded American youth of my generation, I played me a mean Pokemon game, and yes, I'll admit, in my dark pre-musical nerd-dom I did dabble in Magic a little bit. But the main card game sucking the money from my pockets was always the obscure and under-appreciated Star Wars CCG. Literally no one else at my school collected these cards, but a couple of my friends would build decks from my collection and we'd play a disjointed and broken version of the game. Huge portions of the rule book went right over our ten-year-old heads, but we had a good time. Now almost a decade later, I've unearthed my cards in my closet, and going through them, I'm halfway wishing I could play a round or two now, when I'm pretty sure I could handle the rules a lot better. So UG, here is my question to you: did anyone else play this game? Or is the Pit the same as my elementary school and I'm the only one?
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I wanted to play it back in freshman year. Had a starter deck, but i couldn't understand the rules and no one else could either. Everyone was into pokemon and magic.
A Card game for Star Wars?! That I've never heard of?!

George Lucas, your advertising teams have failed me >:[!
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