just finished your track and i got a very big, old megadeth, feel. from the riffs to the vocals. for vocals see if you could put just a bit more anger into them if you know what i mean. the song was pretty good although the riffs were repeated a bit too much for me. productions wise you need to clean up the bass i think, i think it had to much bass and not enough mids. it was just giving this low end oomph that just muddied everything up. my favorite part were the guitar solos at the end, nice tone that just cut through the whole mix. overall pretty solid metal song.
The guitar and bass both sound very full and well recorded. I'm not a big fan of this genre, so I can't say that I loved the riffs, but they weren't bad. The drums didn't blow me away and need to be recorded a little more cleanly. Once the singing starts, I like the vocals. The intro vocals sound too happy for the rest of the song. Keep up the good work.
To Metalbass77: Megadeth is my favorite band, so I'm very happy with that comment! I can understand the criticisms you made, and appreciate them a lot. Thanks especially for the compliment on the solos. Thanks!

Tooobscreamer: The drums are obviously the hardest instrument to record with only 2 microphones. But I definitely agree with you. And thanks for the vocal compliments, I'm mainly one of the guitarists, and just happen to sing, so it's good to get a compliment there too.
in the intro ,it sounds cut-off at times

the guitar sound is cool,drums are a little low on volume ,vocals too

the chorus riffs is heavy ,i didnt like the verse though

you need to remix the tracks,maybe i can give you better judgement then ..

crit mine ?

Thanks for the input Thedarkwolf, it's just kinda hard to get a perfect mix of the drums with only 2 microphones. If i brought it up too high, the cymbals become overbearing.
Thanks a lot belpat, anything specific you can say about what you liked in the playing?

And I don't mind, I want you to crit the recording!
Sorry it took awhile for my crit. I like the song, especially for its killer beat, the mix is a bit fuzzy however. It could be because i am using a laptop. Also somewhere in the beginning the drums seemed "off" like not in a "i was trying to beat off" kind of way.

Otherwise great song \m/
Thanks shusermeister. I think the fuzziness just comes from the drums, they were only recorded with 2 mics, so some of the levels just aren't right.
It sounds like the drums were really stretching the microphones to the limit. One thing you can do to remedy this is using condenser mics instead of normal ones--condensers pick up a lot of surrounding sounds, not just straight on like many regular mics. They're perfect for drums, you'd only need two of them, although you would have to have a separate track altogether for the kick if you only have two mics.

As for the song, it's got that badass heavy feeling to it, definitely a car-blastable track. You guys have a pretty sound, although your riffs could stand to be a bit more varied. Aside from that, it's a good song. Well done.
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We used one dynamic mic near the snare, and the other mic was a condenser. But thanks for the advice!