I am at football/school 5 days a week, and find rare time that I feel motivated to play my guitar(partly because the old strings sound horrid and partly because I am tired). I absolutely love playing my guitar when it sounds good and I really need to change my stings soon. I am willing to spend extra money on strings to keep their tone good.

So here are a few questions:

1. What strings last the longest(If it is a tie, I want ones that are better for heavy metal)?

2. What tools do you recommend to keep the strings (and my guitar) clean and new(ish) sounding(I need something quick and easy, so a specialized tool would be nice.)?

And in an unrelated question about guitar maintenance:

3. What works best at keeping my guitar/fretboard clean(Maple Neck/Fretboard/Alder body)?

(And yes, I like to type many things in parenthesis(Spelled it right on the first try/double parenthesis!!!))
I wouldn't use anything but a dry rag to clean a maple board. To keep your strings like new I suggest washing your hands before playing and wiping the strings down after playing. Never tried them, but coated strings are meant to last longer.
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buy coated obviously
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cleartone or elixir bestbet
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Coated strings last longer. Elixir are my favorite, but they are really bright. Not for metal honestly. Try...Daddario EXP?
And I have this Ernie Ball Wonder Wipe stuff that cleans the strings off. It does a GREAT job. Seriously. But it's pretty expensive. And wash your hands before.
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Elixir Nonoweb strings last months, Wiping your guitar down wit a soft rag or cloth will also help the strings last longer
Ernie Ball Titanium coated strings also work. Mine have lasted me 3 months so far, and I play fairly often. Also, wash your hands before playing, as well as wipe down your strings after you're done.
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In case you're wondering why everyone is telling you to wash your hands and wipe down your strings it's because the sweat and oil on your skin is basically acid. Acid corrode metal so keeping as much of your sweat off the strings and removing what does get there is essential for keeping the strings new.

That's where the idea for coated strings comes from. Coat the string in plastic and the acid never touches metal.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Washing hands definitely and wipe your strings down with a clean rag. also try using dunlop string conditioners. it really does an amazing job breathing new life into your strings
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cleartone or elixir bestbet

that. and use fast fret.
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