i actually like it. very original sounding. if i'm going to be critical, work on the vocals some more. some parts sounds very forced out, like he couldn't hit the notes if that makes any sense, his voice (or yours) needs to all flow together. everything else sounds very clean though congratulations on a well written song.
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Great quality! nice guitar tone on intro. the lead vocals sound like they are missing something though? im thinking just a touch of reverb maybe but im not certain. overall very good though. diggin the Ooohs. very good song. The one thing i really feel though is some kind of buildup though, like just vocals just going all out with something really powerful and high energy (no not like screaming or anything but yea). overall good tune though

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thx guys, the singer was sick when we recorded.

and thats me with the ooooh's so thx again lol.
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The lead singer needs to be more expressive, but it doesn't sound TOO bad for a first song. Kind of messy. Good job, keep working on it.