So right now, I am trying to Learn the Godfather Theme by Slash and Guns N Roses and Farewell Ballad by Zakk Wylde. I am still currently working on the fast parts. To give you an idea on how much I can play, I am having a pretty hard time working on other parts.

The best solos I can play are November Rain the first one, and Buddy Holly. See an indication of what I can play.

So my question is, do you have any suggestion on Solo Instrumental Songs like Godfather Theme and Farewell Ballad, some easier ones? I don't want it to be boring. There are some buckethead I have heard but the ones I have heard are quite fast still at some parts. There is one slow and repetitive one, little boring and I forgot what it is. So suggestions pls.

PS: I tried searching and found nothing. Umm, if this thread has been done before, link please. thanks.
Its not strictly instrumental but since we are the topic of Slash have you tried Wild Horses by Rolling Stones, he does that live as well with Gilby (check youtube). Also, listen to Orion or Call of Ktulu by Metallica (both instrumentals) and see if the solos are easy enough for you. But I still suggest Wild Horses. LINK

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