It's not an actual song. I recorded it and it can be downloaded here (it's really short, about 15 seconds.)

It's just a quick play-around with a couple scales but it's too fast for my ears to tab it myself. Can anyone help? Or at least point me in the right direction?
isnt that from the debeers commercial...? i know its an actual classical piece but the name escapes me atm...

and it sounds like an A locrian, but thats all relative to the key. in other words, its just a major scale.
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It's a custom song from Guitar Hero: Metallica called "Summer". I just recorded the awesome part from it and decided it'd sound way better on a guitar. It sounded like something Yngwie would write which caught my attention.

Unfortunately I spend all my time practicing hitting notes fluently instead of training my ear and studying theory lol.