Then you might like...ME! : ) I started writing a few songs...about 2 weeks ago, and these are the first two that I've got recorded for a 4-6 song EP I want to put together before October. The quality of the songs...leave more to be desired...I have pretty bad equipment, so the audio could be better, and there are a few slip ups during the songs...Hope you guys like em!

King of the Sea Monkeys:


I've got another 2 written, I just have to record them n such....
the quality isnt as bad as you make it seem, i mean it could definitely be better but its not terrible. pretty good playing for the most part though. it would be nice to get some lyrics and vocals done though just to give it a little more structure i think. overall some good stuff

i really like the intro on velocity though very powerful sounding, any chance you could tab it out? i love it man. definitely my favorite song out of the two. i can totally picture some vocals over it though.

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