Well, I came across a great deal. I dont know if I should go through or not.

A Fender Strat VG for $600. Its a new digital guitar, sold new for at least $1600. I have Like $475 saved up for new equipment from working this summer. I don't know if I should...

A) Buy this
B) Buy this, and sell it for a profit
C) Keep saving so I can get a better equipment altogether (Guitar/Amp/Pedals)

Right now I have a Dean VX, a BC Rich Beast Avenge, and a Marshall MG.

The BC Rich might be going soon, I'm selling to a friend for like $235, but he only has $100 right now.

I really wanted to get a better amp, and sell my Marshall, but is this Strat. too good of a deal to pass up?

Ohh, and if it's any help I play rock, metal, blues, and classic rock.
Where is this deal? If it's from a nice man in Hong Kong who can't spell and puts most of the charge in the shipping price, then it's a fake.

If not, go for B or A if you find you like it.
No, its a local guy. He needs to sell it, because his business is going south, and needs the cash fast.
Buy it.

Just that.
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i would give my nut for that guitar....... you better buy it
I would guess more than $600. You should be able to turn a profit as long it's in any decent condition.
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i would give my nut for that guitar....... you better buy it

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i would give my nut (Note the singular tense of this noun) for that guitar....... you better buy it


Buy it, and if you don't like it then sell it for a profit. If you really think about it, you could do all three of those options by following option A. Buy it, then sell it for a profit, an voila! You have more money saved up for new equipment!