A few months ago I bought several different sets of strings to try out a few coated strings and other brands that I hadn't used. I had been using Ernie Ball Power Slinky's for a while but gunk was building up on them way too fast. I finally got down to my last pack of strings today and when I took a second look at them I realized another moronic GC employee gave me the wrong set (no, I didn't check the bag when I bought these months ago either). I asked for a set of regular Ernie Ball Slinky's and got the pure nickel Slinky's.

So after taking my old strings off (and finding the graphite saddle on my brand new $65 TOM bridge shattered so I had to put my old TOM on) I threw the new set on and tuned up. I went through, stretching all the strings a few times and finally got some tuning stability. I started noodling around and noticed that the pure nickel seemed much stiffer than the nickel plated steel Dunlops I had just taken off. Both were the exact same gauge but even whole step bends on my high E string were difficult with this new set.

I did some reading about the differences and found that pure nickel is a bit warmer and generally not used for most forms of metal (hence the change in the 70's). I've also read that nickel is softer (which is why steel strings are plated with nickel to reduce fret wear) but I feel the exact opposite. Are my fingers just deceiving me?