I have this:
I want to add this:

As well as a single coil to the middle position. I may upgrade the humbuckers, I may not (I actually like them a lot). I've already checked, and the guitar is routed for HSH. My question is this: Would it be easier to cut the SSS pickguard, or the HH pickguard, and put the mini switches along where the 3 way switch was? And what is the best way to cut the pickguard? Both are 11 hole 3 ply. Thanks!

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I wouldn't cut anything if I didn't have to, why not just order a HSH pickguard and wire all that up yourself. Since you like your buckers', order a HSH pickguard, those miniswitches, a GFS single coil pickup, and whatever else I'm forgetting, and do it that way. Or, if you email the guy at GFS he may make you a HSH kit like you want, he's usually pretty good about working with customer about stuff like that. It's worth asking about. I'd much rather have to drill a hole in a pickguard than cut a pickup hole. That's just me though.

edit-but to answer your question, it would be easier to modify that GFS pickguard rather than use your stock pickguard.
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