I have a Fender Twin Reverb '65 Reissue and there is a footswitch to active the reverb and vibrato. The footswitch works like it should but there are two problems. First, when I take it in my hand and shake it, it makes noise in the amp. This is not really a problem as I don't have the habit of shaking a footswitch while playing but I just want to know why it's doing that. The second problem is a real and strange one. I plug the footswitch, turn the amp on, everything is fine. Then I put the footswitch on the floor, there is a hum. I lift it off the floor, the hum is gone. I put it back, and the hum is back. I wouldn't say that the hum is very loud but enough for keeping the footswitch unplugged because it's annoying. What's going on?
IDK how it works but if you put it on a wooden block it should be fine. The same thing happens with Tube Drivers and my Zendrive 2.
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