Uhhh.. So I just bought a pack of Heavyweight Boomers.. The top string (E) size is .70... I did not know this at all when I bought them xD I thought it was just like any other .11 package with maybe a .56 or something. Long story short, it's too big to fit through the nut.

Anyways.. I REALLY wanna put 'em on and try it out.. I've been pulling an old string back and forth through the nut for an hour now trying to get it to file, but I don't think it's working.. or at least it doesn't seem to be.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I tune in C# standard, sometimes D standard.. Would that require any truss rod adjustment?
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Use the .70 guage string to file the slot as you have been doing, or get your hands on nut files/jewellers files.

Remember that unless you're using an old string that is bigger than the existing hole, you won't really do much!
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I just fold a piece of 200-300 grit or smoother sandpaper and then hog out the nut until its good and ready
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Well a set of nut files will probably run you a bit too much money just to try out the .70 but here one is any way...


Get the 0.065 and get the slot to the right depth (not deeper than half the diameter of the string) and then use the 0.070 to finish the slot.

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If you have the new string. Take some medium grit, sand paper or a file and cut some scratches across, not along the string (at the end that will be cut of when you install it)

Then pull it back and forth through the slot. The scratches help it cut. Once the slot is beginning to be wide enough, angle down a bit towards the back of the nut (as nut slots should).
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