When the summer started I used to practice 7 hours a day everyday for the entire week. Practicing like this for most of the summer made me insanely good, but it left me with no time to hang out and do other **** besides play guitar. i then knocked down my guitar practice to 4-5 hours everyday. this has been going on for the past month, but i've gotten bored with my routine cause i really haven't learned anything new since my teacher has been in Cuba for the past month and won't come back for a few weeks. My question is what should I learn to stay enthusiastic and not be bored with what i'm currently playing. I've been thinking about learning new songs, but i don't like using tabs and playing by ear i could do it, but it's time consuming. i could read music btw. thanks for the help.
Do whatever you want, honestly. You are asking us if you should learn a new song. Go ahead if you want, seriously.
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