Hey guys I've been working on a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody where I have all the normal guitar parts but I also take all of the vocal sections and replace them with guitars. I'm just really not sure whether I should continue this or not, although I probably will.

Songs in my profile (Demo II) - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Grimmy101/

A few things -

EDIT: Demo II does include the full song including MIDI piano with it.

- The song is not completely done, there's still a bit left to the song that I still need to record so the last minute or so is just going to be drums and bass.

- I have not recorded the piano to go along with this yet so it will sound quite strange in parts.

- The song has a lot of background noise, well clicks I guess because I haven't really bothered with the smaller details like that yet.

I'm just curious do you guys think this is a good idea, and is it turning out alright? Or is it really just not something I should be trying and turning out like a disaster?

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wow this sounds great
the only problem with it so far i see is that the vocals seem "too" right on y'know? you should do like some lead guitar over it with solos etc. to keep it fresh haha.
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Pretty cool, but yeah, I agree with slayer, change up the vocals.
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I uploaded a new version now (Demo II) which is the full song along with a MIDI piano behind it as well so it's quite a bit closer to the original.

There's still a few things I need to work on with it but I figure I'd post it.