So I've been playing for about a year and half now, and I felt like I was progressing pretty slowly for a lot of it. In the past month or two, however, I've noticed a large improvement in speed and accuracy. I'm up to 16th notes at 85-95 BPM (depends on the day) when I'm playing solos and stuff. However, I can alternate pick 16th notes at around 180 BPM when I'm playing riffs. As an example, I can play stuff like the riff from Redemption - Shadows Fall, the riff in Raining Blood - Slayer, or the fast picking in One - Metallica. But when it comes to fast single notes, I'm out of luck. I've been trying to play Ten Words by Joe Satriani. If you look at the tab, I can play the runs of 16th notes (tempo is ~90 BPM). Later in the solo, there's a run of 16th note triplets and I'm utterly screwed. Anyway. I'm almost 100% sure the problem has to do with synchronizing my hands, because I can move my left hand through the motions at speed, and I have the picking speed. I just need to put the two together. So is there anything I can do besides the usual metronome and slowing down? Thanks for the input.
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Do some 4-finger chromatic exercises. It will help get your hands in sync.
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are you picking with the same type of motion at 180bpm as when you pick at 90bpm? a lot of people i've seen have a certain picking motion for slower tempos, such as using a mostly wrist motion at slow speeds. but when they go up to higher tempos their picking motion changes completely and they spazz out their entire arm to do runs on one string. my point is, if you want to play real runs at 180 (not just 1 note tremelo picking spazztastic picking runs), you need to look at the picking technique you use at slower tempos, and up the speed slowly while making sure your picking technique stays the same throughout. it sounds like you are using a different picking technique for faster tempo riffing, but if you're not, disregard this lol
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In a word, no - same as always, slow it down until you've got it nailed then move up a couple of bpm.
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