Hey guys, so I uploaded a very rough snippet of a song I'm working on titled "Fate, Karma, Change." Basically, it's just the first verse/prechorus/chorus with some scratch vocals worked in. Please ignore the not-too-stellar mix, I just had to get it to listenable levels.

I have the rest of the song written, but I need some opinions on what direction to take.

Right now, I can't decide if I should keep the mood low, relaxed and eerie, or if the whole song should eventually crescendo into a big finale of sorts, starting with the introduction of heavily verbed distorted guitar in the background etc. My only problem with that is, I don't think I want to take the vox up another octave because it just doesn't feel like it would work.

So, pleeeease tell me what you guys think and what would work. I'm literally 50/50 on it, and I figure just THIS ONCE I could upload a not-even-close-to-finished song to get some production input. Other ideas are welcome too. Thanks a bunch!

It's on my profile
man that recording quality is amazing, what secret man? ha. personally i feel this building up so much. but thats just what i think. and just having the vocals going all out with some crazy energy. good start though for sure man.

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oh and do you have a myspace with these tunes up?

EDIT: Your Otherside cover was awesome, you have a great voice man
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