Just got some new gear and ready to improve my guitar skills. I'm looking for some good and relatively easy As I Lay Dying songs that i could learn. I can play 94 Hours by them with much easy almost with my eyes closed cause its a pretty easy song but every other song by them (Confined, Through Struggle, An Ocean Between Us, Darkest Nights, and Meaning in Tragedy) that i've looked up i can't play because i basically suck at multi-string alternate picking (i know i need to get better at this) so i've been playing most stuff with just straight down strokes. I can also play Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine if that gives you any indication as far as skill. but if anyone has any suggestions on songs i can learn or even anything to help improve my multi-string alternate picking so i can play those other songs would be greatly appreciated.

Oh i forgot to mention i can alternate pick pretty well on just 1 string like the opening to 94 hours i can do that easy cause its all 1 string but if it starts to go from string to string really fast i get messed and my fingers get all mixed up.
Try Losing Sight, the intro is fairly easy.

or Empty Hearts
the Sound of Truth is pretty east i think.

Lemme know how those are for you.
Say hallo to ya mutha for me...
one of the easiest songs would be Forever soo when you get a chance check that out you won't be dissapointed
yea i can play Forever pretty easy... i checked the guitar pro files for the other songs and a few of them had spots that i don't think i can play right away.. maybe after a little work i could get them, so ill try at them for the next week or so, i got 3 days off work coming up so ill practice like hell and hope i can nail em.