hey. name's Ty. Here to rock.

i got a cool song im workin on BUT i need help.
how bout some advice, you ULTIMATE guitar-ers

my intro goes: [Bm7] [A7] [A7sus4] [A7] [Em7/B]
into a little: [Gmaj7/D] [Dmaj7/A] [F#m7/C#] [Em7/B]

there's more to it if you'd like to hear a recording i supposed thats possible. But here's my real question:

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT KEY I'M IN??? I looked up what chords I was playing with a reverse chord lookup i found on google.

I also want to know what scale / scales to use for a solo.


Also. Admin please do not delete, simply move If this is the wrong spot.
Musician Talk would probably be your best bet for this question
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