****, we opened for strung out,

we are a pop punk band from edmonton, alberta, canada. We've just gone through a name change and beginning the writing process to record a full length, then it's back on the road.

Check it out, cheers

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Music was alright...strung out is amazing though so props on that. I say take some more of their influence especially vocally and you guys will improve a lot.
As Listening to Where Do I Begin:

i really like the vocalist. sounds like a mix between Sum41 and Rufios vocalist. Really great song. great quality and just all around playing, its fairly simple but it all flows so well and it seems like everyones parts just gel so well.
oh jesus the transition into the slowed down part and back up was awesome. and im diggin the solo. ill never be able to get this friggin chorus outta my head though. very well done ill be listening to more stuff in the future for sure.

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