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Fixed bridge
26 46%
Strat type trem
14 25%
Floyd Rose
14 25%
3 5%
Voters: 57.
while i enjoy the trem, it seems more like a toy to me in lieu of vibrato (at least for the type of music i play).
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I prefer a fixed bridge, specifically the tune-o-matic bridge. Ibanez makes great bridges like the Gibraltar series of bridges. My favorite is the Gibraltar Custom.
Hmmm, I hate strat bridges and Floyds. I do like the Edge Zero a lot. I only like fixed bridges if they're not based on the Gibson or Strat bridges. I like them to be really low profile and to have no sharp edges.
fixed, i have no use for a trem
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I do enjoy a tremolo when I have one, but for the extra resonance from no routing and the ease of setting up, I'd probably take a hardtail. That being said, if the option is offered I'll take a strat trem. Bigsby's don't have enough range for me though and I don't use it enough to warrant a Floyd.

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fixed. love the convenience and ability to change tunings. even just half a step with a floyd throws everything off. that's just plain annoying. and i've always hated vintage tremolos. my 2nd guitar had one, never really saw the use. bigsbys look amazing, but i can't imagine they're much different from a vintage. i'd love one, but not for the tremolo use haha just for looks.
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damn you Bigsby on steroids ftw!

But in all seriousness my next guitar is going to have a fixed bridge.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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fixed, i have no use for a trem

yeah, me too
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Fixed Bridge. The trem brings more pain than comfort

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I play jazz and post-rock, so it's gotta be sustain-loving Tune-O-Matics for me. I would like to try a Jazzmaster at some point though.
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i will go with fixed bridges or floyds or strat trems. i live with 2 out of 3 already. (fixed and strat). when i get my FR guitar, that'll probably stay in Drop C. then i'll put my fixed bridge in Drop C#/D# standard. and my strat will stay in Drop D/E Standard. i dont even use my strat's trem, so i bolted (attached all 5 springs) down the trem so it dont move so it stays in tune better.
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I myself prefer a fixed bridge guitar, more a string thru fixed bridge guitar. Floyds can be a hassle for a lot of people. I am lucky to be able to set up a Floyd so to me it's not as bad but it still can be a pain at times. I hate the Strat type trems and was never a fan of Bigsbys. Bigsby's are a little too bulky but do look cool on a vintage guitar.

If I'm going to have a vibrato on a guitar, it's got to be a Fender American standard 2-point Strat vibrato. I used to prefer the American Deluxe ones since they have a pop-in arm rather than screw-in, but they've changed the Deluxe version to have bent steel saddles now, which I hate.

Even then, I'd only take with with Planet Waves lock&cut tuners, an LSR roller nut, a forth spring in the back and set flat to the body. It should be capable of only the slightest pitch flutter at most. Lose vibratos or floating units are horrible - you can't even do a unison bend on them, what's the point? Big whoop you can dive the arm down, that's nowhere near as useful as just being able to bend notes normally and keep in-tune.

For reference, one piece wraparound bridge > tune-o-matic & stopbar combination > Tune-o-matic and string-through > Tele style bridge > modern Strat vibrato locked down and blocked > whatever other bridges you care to mention. Basically, **** vibratos.
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I prefer a fixed bridge, specifically the tune-o-matic bridge. Ibanez makes great bridges like the Gibraltar series of bridges. My favorite is the Gibraltar Custom.

This, paired with the quik-change tailpiece. I love it. Next up would be a Bigsby though, even though its use is limited, they look cool and are good to have.
floyd rose, but Ive always wanted to try out bigsbys and kahlers.
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