Everytime ive looked into playing some Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots the tabs look too intimidating to even delve into...im used to powerchordish metallica and acdc type stuff...the chords these bands use are often why i shy away

was just wondering if there is any easy tracks by these bands that i can look into..
Man in the box is a pretty easy song to play try that one. Even the solo is pretty easy if you hit the main points and do some improv. It is double tracked so you will never sound exactly like the solo on the record.
Them Bones is powerchordish, though fast and in a weird time. Perhaps try Right Turn for a simple strum along if you want.
nut shell is very easy chords. the riff might be difficult for you, but theres a second guitar anyway. is better on acoustic IMO

AND.....if your having trouble with chords try practicing just those chords. Dont even worry about the song until after. Sometimes when posed with the same problem, ill just make up song with those chords or any you want just to get used to switching form diff. positions, etc...
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i think my problem with chords is just getting my hand to go into that position and slap down on the right strings...

i can usually form the chord with relative ease...the muscle memory even on chords ive practiced since i got guitar is not there for some reason...any ideas on how to practice this stuff so my hands just snap into position...i mean i guess D, A, and G maj are the only chords i can hit without looking...sometimes C but i often scuff it up