Hey guys, i'm new here so i'll try my best to explain. I have an AXL Badwater series with standard strings and tuning. I'm not new to guitar when it comes to playing it but when it comes to setups i'm almost clueless. Earlier tonight I sat down to try and learn Better Than Drugs by Skillet and was wondering how to tune my guitar right. It said the song is in Drop B so I read around and came to the conclusion that trying Drop B tuning with my current guitar and strings would sound awful. My question here is, what would I need to do to my guitar to be able to make it sound good using different tunings other than standard?
Get a tuner, thats about it.
Use higher gauge strings for the low tunnigs like Drop B, C ........

My guitar is in drop a half step which i think its the same as standart only i get more low pitches than higher
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