Well, once again I am posting song lyrics here. And once again I will C4C...

What is it
That makes me love you?
You're always on my mind
Just a few short weeks
Until I can see you
And God knows that in this time I have tried to get sober
To put the past behind me
To pick up the shattered pieces of my heart
And finally move on

God knows I tried...

It seems each day has no beginning
They all seem to run as one
I can't eat or sleep
Or even be happy
Then you say "whats done is done"
In complete forgivness

Then I feel right at home again
I'm guessing the hard part is over
But then it hits me
As I feel your head on my shoulder
That there's more to life than living right
And trying to get through the day
It's being there with those you love
And helping them find their way

Because God know's they'd do the same for you...

Again, C4C, and any title ideas or possibilities that come to mind would be appreciated.

This is a very well written piece. I like the emotion, but the last stanza seems a bit out of place; perhaps because my endings are usually bad. Overall, I wouldn't change much. I love the second stanza, and its probably the best because it's sucha unique thought! I like this piece. Cheers