If you are in a band that has no drummer, in an online band that wants fantastic drums or just want some cool drums for messing around with I can give them to you!

If you have a midi file of the drums you want, send it to me and I will turn it into a fantastic, giant sounding beast of a drum track.
Even if you have Guitar Pro tabs of what you want your drums to be like, I can turn them into great and fantastic sounding drums.
But, this can not be free, but can be very, very cheap and well priced -

What service UK-DOLLARS

Your midi track through my software - £10/$20
Original drum track custom made for you - £10/$20

If you want your drum track sent back on a CD or DVD in a case and padded, you have to add £3/$6 to the price. This makes up for the price of the CD/DVD and the postage.

What Software I Will Use

I have EZdrummer with the EZX Drumkit From Hell, EZX Jazz and EZX Cocktail for my drums, Ableton Live 7, Cubase SX3 and Reaper for my DAW's.

What Format Files I Can Send Back In

I can send the finished drum track back as most of the file formats like WAV and MP3. If you want, I can send the finished drum track or tracks back to you on a CD or DVD but that will add a little to the cost, see in the What Service list to see how much more.

Info About The Drum Software

EZX Drumkit From Hell -

Tomas Haake, The fantastic drummer from extreme metal band Meshuggah recorded all the drum samples for the EZX Drumkit From Hell, so, you will be getting drum tracks that will sound as good as he gets his to sound like.

EZX Jazz -

Roy "Futureman" Wooten recorded all the drum samples for EZX Jazz. He is one of the best jazz drummers you will find.

Styles Of Original Drum Tracks I Will Make

I can make you any style of drum track you want, from furious thrash metal to funk to country ballad style, I will make you the perfect drum track!

If you have any questions, PM me or email me at vai@usa.com