hey i sure hope you guys can help me out here .. thing is i want to take up bass ... but i dont know whic bass to buy ... my friends have recommended me a couple -

Yamaha RBX 170
Ibanez GSR 200
so whic one should i go for ?? and also is there any decent 5 stringed bass in the price range of the above shortlisted guitars ?????

thanks !

I have the GSR200. It's a decent bass, and the sound isn't so bad at all! They also have a 5 string version, the GSR205, but I never played that one. The best option is just to try them all.
Good Luck with it !

I would say that it's between the Yamaha and the Ibanez. Choose the one you like better, but stay far away from LTD basses. Ugh.


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I've heard good things abut the Ibanez, I'd go with that, though you may more help in the bass guitar forum.