I'm looking to get a padded slip over or zip around cover for my Fender Performer.
I've been checking out Silverstone amp covers and they look pretty decent for the price.
Has anyone had experience with them or any recomendations of other UK companies?

Ive used silvertone in the past, fast delivery. i think they make them upon order. Bought a cover for my engl fireball head, and one for my engl standard slanted 4x12.
thick covers, heavy duty etc, its all on there site. they are definately reliable

EDIT - I was shopping around at the time and the other peoples stuff (marshall, and some other cover makers) were just realy thin dust covers and were about the same price (some more expensive) than the thick silverstone ones
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cool, yeah that's what i had seen as well.
did you have to give them the dimensions for those amp/cabs?
they don't have my amp listed (since its pretty old and getting rare) so im not too sure if they do the custom service. I'll be phoning this afternoon anyway but i wanted a wee heads up before.