What is the best overdrive pedal for amps with tube types of:

1. EL34's
2. 6L6's
3. EL84's
4. 6V6's

For example, I've heard that a Boss SD-1 works great for #1 and a Tubescreamer for #2.

I know that different amps with the same tube types sound different in voicing. I'm just trying to get an idea of what works.
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1. Klon centaur
2. ibanez ts9
3. fulltone ocd
4. mxr zw44 wylde overdrive
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I didn't think tubes were that important when picking an OD pedal
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Quote by ILiKePiNeAppLeS
I didn't think tubes were that important when picking an OD pedal

I'd imagine that too. It's more about the amp circuit itself (and the tonal quality of it's sound) than what tubes it uses. Too much generalisation.
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I think if it's a bright amp, or you like metal, Tubescreamer. I went for SD-1 because it's a brighter OD and my amp's lacking brightness, and I rarely play metal.
^ A Tubescreamer is brighter than an SD-1? I always thought the SD-1 sounded very compressed and dark.
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