... I have the official tab book. I can play it slowly. I just want to know in terms of difficulty how hard the solo is.
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How hard is the solo. If a person could play it at the correct speed, all of it?

If you can play it right at the correct speed then its not that hard for you. If you cant then its hard for you. If you cant play it at all then its very hard for you. . . . . . . .

Depends what you're comparing it to . . . . . . . . . . Its like saying how hard is Hulk Hogan, if you compare him to Pee Wee Herman then Hogan is extremely hard but if you ask how hard Hulk Hogan is in comparison with that big rock guy out of the Fantastic 4 then Hogans not that hard. . . . . . .
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Its difficulty is 27.8
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Its difficulty is over 9000!

Are you serious? I heard it was over 5000, but I didn't actually know it was that hard.

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it really is as hard as you make it to be.

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Its difficulty is 27.8

I was waiting for this.
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