Somewhat Andy Mckee/Antoine Dufour inspired, I'm not thoroughly happy with it, but it's the first song I've ever written so I still got a LOT to learn.

Any feedback/criticism/advice would be appreciated.
Overall, it's not too bad, especially for a first song.

Just little things: the melody's aren't bad, they aren't exactly to my taste, but the 5th intervals (like the C at bar 15) really kind of stood out as I listened, and it sounded kind of... clunky? It might just be me though.

The arpeggios starting at bar 31 sound really cool, especially the last few at bar 45.

I liked the development of the theme at bar 53, but after bar 57, with the bass melody, it gets sort of muddy. I listened to it with midi so it might be the timbre of the sound. Basically, the first harmonies at the beginning of bar 57-60 (I hate the sound of 5ths in lower octaves). When you add in all the open D's it sounded really "muddy" (hope you know what I mean).

Pretty amazing for first song however! Definetly keep going.