Heh, i remember last time i said i wasnt going to take 2 months to put out a new song.
Well it took me 4 months this time around, so in a way i was right.

Anyways here's my newest concoction Hangman, on my profile page http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Shustermeister/. This one is the first song on here so far i can say is "Groove Metal" as opposed to "Groove Metalcore" because though it has a breakdown, this song is mainly made up of early Pantera influence using a scale that creates both classic and bluesy-80's type riffs and beat patterns, as opposed to many hardcore beats. Of course i could be totally wrong about this - I just like to think im smart.

Of course as usual, i will admit
-The mix was really thrown together quick. I think the overall guitar sound is better than my previous ones but the way its all mixed together may sound a bit whack, ESPECIALLY at the solos unfortunately ;(. Ill probably fix that tonight.
-And some of the leads at points sound sour, i was getting tired of re-recording so i just left them

NOTICE: BEST HEARD WITH HEADPHONES. I just listened to it with just my laptop, and it was alotttt fuzzier than without headphones.

Anyways, enjoy, comment, criticize, crucify, whatever floats your boat. Ill c4c (if asked). I have a more mellow song ill put up later this week i guess.

P.S. Demonology if you read this sorry i never got around to doing the vocals...After a few tried and my vocals sucking really badly i never revisited it
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I'm liking the riffs. And the solos are ok, you sound much better on the faster one than the slower more melodic one. I think it's just because you don't use much vibrato and I use a lot of it, just a conflict in tastes really. I don't like the production of anything, but you explained that. A good effort, just needs to sound more professionally produced.

Hoping you'll crit my newest effort!

Thanks for the honesty, i dont like the melodic solo myself, i kinda just threw that in there and it really dosent work out. Ill be crittin' yours soon enough. Lack-of-replies-blues, c'mon people if it sucks at least tell me about it :x.
that was good and youre a great guitar player. but it dident do it for me. even with everything going on i kind of lost an interest in it. it just dragged on. i think you need a lifting chorus of some kind. something diff. its just that same stuff over and over agean. i say trim it down to 350 and add some diff chord changes/sections to the song. it needs work, but it has potential.

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Its actually interesting that you say that. First off thank you for the crit and i understand what you are saying completely. Its just interesting because i actually tried to avoid having a structure too repetitive, and thats partly why the song doesn't have a chorus. I think what may have killed the riffs is that they all had a picking style far too similar, and though i tried to throw in a breakdown to 'break' the monotony it guess it may not have worked. Another reason i didn't add a chorus is because i honestly couldn't think of one. Didn't seem natural to have a chorus, especially one with a chord progression that may or may not have ended up being un-original thus killing the song - I basically didn't want it to sound forced.

Anyways thanks again for that crit. Structure is something im trying to experiment and learn more about, so having that brought to my attention was nice as opposed to getting 100 critiques about my bad mix :p
Thanks, and i critted yours. The reason i said it was Pantera influenced is because the third riff which is one of the main riffs of the song reminded me so much of something Pantera would have written in there CFH-Were going groove metal but still slightly coming out of arena rock-days. The guitar tone is the best i could come up with using Line 6 products ;(.
that was great dude
i enjoyed it alot

are u using a drum program?

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Yeah this reminds me of early pantera sound, good thing you played with the same kind of guitar tones than Dimebag

I liked the riffes, and the progression betwin the riffes.

In whole the song i prefered the rhythm part than the lead part, the solos were good, but too melodic for me sometimes, but you play really good! And the solos fills were cool !

I liked how you transformed the main riff to the second variation, at 0:50. yeah i also like to look smart :p but i think I failed :p

Could you crit mine?