Hey guys

So i recently picked up the guitar again and restored my love for the instrument after a lengthy absent. So ive been playing Metallica - Fade to Black and theres a section of the solo i find difficult to play. The lick is a common one i come across with similar vairations so i want to get it down pat. Its this lick in mark_4.20 tab:

) p ) p ) p )

So tahts the first 3 strings. Kirk plays this fast and i having trouble with it. My technique atm is to basiclly barre my finger across the first 2 strings so the 7th fret is being played without strig jumping and sorta muting and rolling my finger up from th E to the B string. Is this correct or an effiecient way of playing it? Also struggling with the bend and release. When i try to play it quick sorta sounds like im pullling off the bend when i release to start picking the 7 on the E.

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
get better at playing it slowly, you just need to be patient.
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This isn't a difficult pattern...
Just do it slow
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